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Touchwood Cornish Cider is the result of a long-term project to reinstate Apple growing and cider making on our small farm in Cornwall. When I first came to this land in 1984, there was an old granite circular trough in the yard, which had been used for crushing apples. The barn here at Woodlands was a cider barn, but no apple tress where left. I have been busy planting apple trees ever since.

Thanks to a scheme to reinstate and save old varieties of Cornish apples from Cornwall County Council, over an acre of Cornish apple trees have grown and matured. Nearly 30 varieties of apples go into the mix, which are crushed and pressed traditionally, using only the natural yeasts on the apples to ferment the juices. This is racked and matured for over 12 months, blending the finished product and adding some sugar, before bottling. Wooden Hand Brewery then sterile filter and bottle the cider, adding only light carbonation.