Touchwood Cornish Cider

The real taste of Cornish cider

Touchwood Cornish cider

Welcome to Touchwood Cornish Cider; a Cornish family owned business based in Mithian, North Cornwall. We only use 100% Cornish organic apples to create our unique cider. Touchwood Cider comes from sea blown orchards of heritage Cornish apples tree close to the Cornish coast.

Touchwood Traditional Cornish Still Cider has its designated tap on the bar at ‘The Driftwood Spars’ in St Agnes. Touchwood Sparkling cider is also on sell at the ‘The Driftwood Spars Brewery’ and in the two supermarkets in the village.

Touchwood Sparkling Cider

Bottled in a 500ml - 5% ABV / 2.5 UK units

Touchwood Traditional Cornish Still Cider 

Medium / Dry - Available in 5 & 9 gallon barrels 6% ABV

Pure apple juice fermented naturally without chemicals.

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